Private dental treatment fees

Our comprehensive range of private treatments is available to all of our patients. We offer a range of ways to help you get the treatment that’s right for you.

Private fee guide

Private dental care at 119 DENTAL

We feel it is important that we provide you with a written estimate of your treatment costs. Should your treatment plan change, then your dentist will discuss this with you.

We also undertake to guarantee all our permanent crowns, bridges, fillings and dentures for one year for all normal wear.

The treatment cost depends on the extent of work required. Your dentist can provide you with a precise quote for your personalised treatment plan.

Private fees guide

New Patient Exam
from £55.00 (including x-rays)
Routine exam
from £40.00 (excluding x-rays)
intra-Oral x-ray
from £9.00
Emergency appointment
from £40.00
Hygienist - 30 minutes
Children Hygienist (under 18)
Gum Therapy
White Fillings
from £160.00
from £600.00
from £700.00
Simple Extraction
from £150.00
Surgical Extraction
from £210.00
Icon Treatment
first tooth £180.00
Icon Treatment
each additional tooth £60.00
Acrylic Partial Denture
from £695.00
Metal Denture
from £1,100.00
Flexi Denture
from £750.00
Conventional Dental Bridge
from £1,250.00
Adhesive Dental Bridge
from £950.00
Full Mouth Home Whitening
with night gel £229.00
Full Mouth Home Whitening
with day gel £249.00
Custom Fit Sports Mouth Guard
Hard Night Guard
Invisalign Go Upper & Lower Arch (including vivera retainers & whitening)
Vivera Retainers Upper & Lower
Fixed Retainer
£180.00 per arch
Essix Retainer
£180.00 each
Re-Bonding Fixed Retained